Ethiopian Railways Corporation

ERC’s Vision, Mission, Values and Principles


ERC’s Vision, Mission, Values and Principles


To see modern railways infrastructure and services and an efficient railway company that supports Ethiopia’s endeavor in building a globally competitive economy, that uses electricity and connects the country’s development centers and links with ports of neighboring countries.


 To support the fast growing economy of the country through constructing modern railways infrastructure which is cost effective and that transports bulk freight        within short period of time,

 To expand passenger railways transport services and enhance public mobility.

Values and Principles

 Steered by planning and strive for result,

 Respect customers and satisfy their needs with equitable, impartial and reliable service delivery,

 Establish a fast and lean working system where trust, support and understanding prevails and staffs get due respect and recognition,

 Satisfy customers and stakeholders by giving due attention for organizational and individual ethics and working with legal frameworks,

 Adapting to new working systems,

 Establish team spirit and be participatory,

 Use properly public finance and property,

 Give due attention to cross cutting issues,

 Extend equitably railway transport coverage throughout the country.