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The services and resources we offer

Railway Depots

ERC is building the Oil Depot project to facilitate the country’s economic and social activities by transporting oil supplies from the port of Djibouti by Train.

Training facilities

ERC Academy provides Railway Engineering and management training in collaboration with other institutes and abroad.

For Rent (Trucks, mixers,)

ERC Machinery Rental Service offers efficient and reliable rental of construction equipment, including excavators, bulldozers, and cranes.

Our History

Starting from 1894


Ethiopian Railway, commonly known as ER, full name Ethiopian Railway Corporation, is the national railway operator of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, under the regulation of the Ministry of Transport. ERC operates passenger and freight transport.


Most recent projects on hand

Addis Ababa Light Rail Transport

Addis Ababa Light Rail Transport To alleviate the lack of transportation in the city, the Ethiopian government constructed Addis Ababa light rail transport by signed and Agreement with the Chinese...

Weldiya – Hara Gebeya – Mekelle Railway

Weldiya – Hara Gebeya – Mekelle Railway The Woldia/Haragebeya -Mekele railway project has been allocated a budget of 1.6 billion US dollars. The construction of this railway line started...

The Ethiopian-Djibouti railway

The Ethiopian-Djibouti railway The Ethiopian-Djibouti railway line lives one of the largest projects Ethiopia has undertaken with development and transformation plans (GTP). This air pollution-free...


Addis Ababa  –  Djibouti

Woldia /Hara Market/- Mekelle Railway Project

Awash – Kombolcha Woldia/Hara market/railway project

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