Ethiopian Railways Corporation


The corporation’s chief executive representative, Getu Gizaw (Eng) in a speech at the start of the training, said that the main purpose of the training is to modernize the corporation’s operations, providing quick data management free of paper and to promote a system. He said after the training, the trained super users will train the end users and urged them so as to actively participate in the training.

Ato Yohannes Tesfaye the corporation’s Information Communication and Documentation Department Head said that the Management Information System (MIS) ensures quality and expedite the working environment into digital transformation by collecting the limited resources both human power and material supplies.

The study was started seven years ago but has not been completed for a various reasons, now the Data center and network infrastructure is necessary to complete and project go live. It is necessary to provide training for professionals so as to bear the system when it gets into operation.

The study has three stages: software application, network infrastructure deployment and establishment of Data Center.

Ato Yohannes said, the system will enable us to manage time, resource and to keep and avail modern digital information which ensures quality by reducing paperwork cost effective work flow will be managed..

The project and training focus on 9 modules among others human resources, procurement, asset management, finance and planning.