Ethiopian Railways Corporation


July 13/2015
The Ethiopian Railway Corporation inaugurated a daycare center for the underage children of the corporation’s employees on July 13, 2015.
The amended Federal Government Employees Proclamation No. 1064/2010 stipulates that all federal government institutions must establish a maternity care center to help female government employees achieve better results by using all their strength, energy, knowledge and time without any risk or thought. Accordingly, the Ethiopian Railway Corporation has started providing services by opening a childcare center and today it was officially inaugurated by the CEO of the institution, Ms.
In her speech at the time, Ms. Hilina Belachew (Eng) congratulated the parents for having built this childcare center in accordance with the decree issued by the government, realizing that the support and care of children needs special attention in order to produce competent citizens. As motherhood is difficult as a government employee, the opening of this center will make parents more productive by using their full thoughts and abilities as their children will be taken care of at the center.
On his part, Fadil Ibrahim, the head of the human resource development department of the corporation, said that he is working on allocating more vehicles for parents who bring their children in order to understand the transportation problem in the city.

According to the gender and social affairs coordination team expert of the corporation, Ms. Hilina Belachew (Eng), regarding the preliminary preparations made by the corporation to open the daycare center following the direction of the government, a building located in the corporation’s premises has been built in a suitable condition for the center and the center has been provided with the experience of federal government institutions that have started to provide this service. They stated that they have started giving. Design the daycare center not to reach here; They thanked the corporation community for their great efforts to provide services in supply and purchase, manpower and other important things and called for continued support.
The parents of the children said that the opening of the nursery has relieved them of many effects. He said that apart from the economic importance, our children are staying with us and having qualified professionals to take care of them has helped us to carry out our work without risk.

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