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Our story

The Ethiopian railways Corporation (ERC) was established on 20 November 2007 by regulation 141/2007 of the council of Ministers of te Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. The regulation mandate ERC to develop railway infrastructure and provide passenger an freight rail transportation services in Ethiopia. 

ERC has developed railway projects on eight corridors in the country that have been identified as necessary to enhance both the social and economic needs

ERC’s key objective is to develop an integrated and high capacity railway transport system to ensure competitive and affordable transport. 


CEO, Engineer Hilina Belachew

Previous CEOs

Our mission

To support the fast growing economy of the country through constructing modern railways infrastructure which is cost effective and that transports bulk freight within short period of time,

To expand passenger railways transport services and enhance public mobility.

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Contact us at the Ethiopian Railway Corporation Head office


To see modern rail ways infrastructure and service and an efficient railway Company that supports Ethiopia’s endeavor in building a globally competitive economy, that uses electricity and Connects the country’s development centers and links with ports of neighboring Countries.


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