Ethiopian Railways Corporation


The Ethiopian-Djibouti railway

The Ethiopian-Djibouti railway line is one of the largest projects Ethiopia has undertaken with development and transformation plans (GTP). This air pollution-free railway line, operated by electricity, is 656km long and 1.43 standard gauge.

In 2011 the railway contraction from Addis Ababa to the Djibouti was started by two Chinese state-owned companies, the China Railway Group (CREC)and the China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC). In January 1 2018 has started transportation service.

The railway line was built with a $4 billion loan from China’s Export-Import Bank of China provided funding. The railway has 19 stations and designed to run at speeds of up to 120 km per hour. The construction was carried out by the EPC Turnkey Contract.  China International Engineering Consulting Corporation acted as consultant and supervisor.