Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit

The Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit began revenue service on September 20, 2015 after three years of construction was finalized by China Railway Group Ltd (CREC).

Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit:
• Has 34 km length.
• Runs into two directions: the East-West Line from Ayat to Torhailoch and the South-North line from Kality to Menelik II Square.

• The two lines share common track of 2.66 km from Stadium station to St. Lideta Station.
• 41 trains are available for the operation and they are marked with different colors so that passengers can identify them easily. Trains with Green and White color provide service from East-West and trains with Blue and White color run from North to South direction.
• 39 stations are available where passengers board and get off the trains.
• Escalators, lifts and stairs are constructed to make stations accessible for persons with disabilities, aged people, and for those who are in need of it.
• Two depots are constructed at Kality and Ayat where the trains get maintenance. The Kality depot also serves as the head quarter for the Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit.

Operation& Maintenance

• The operation and maintenance will be managed by two Chinese companies; namely Shenzhen Metro Group, responsible mainly for the management, and China Railway Group Ltd. (CREC), responsible mainly for the management, for forty one months.
• The operation began revenue service on September 20, 2015 from North-South and the East-West line began operation on November 10, 2015.

Paper Ticket

• Presently we are providing service with paper tickets and a plan is there to implement electronics tickets.

The price

• 2 birr up to 8 stations
• 4 birr up to 16 stations and,
• 6 birr up to 21 stations

Passengers can buy tickets from any of the 39 ticket offices which are located very near to the stations. Passengers also can buy tickets from one ticket office if they want to travel to two directions.
Service Time
6:00 am-10:00pm: 16 hrs.Per day.


1. Transportation Department
The Department is responsible for managing the light rail transport delivery to the public;monitoring, controlling, coordinating, commanding and dispatching all trains operation and equipment conditions, undertaking ticket selling, etc.
Telephone = +251-114-708033

2. Maintenance Center
The Center is responsible for maintaining and ensuring the normal operation of rolling stocks, construction vehicles, signaling and communication facilities, network equipment, etc.
Telephone = +251-114-708113

3. Safety and Security Department
It is responsible for ensuring the light rail operation safety, improving service and maintenance quality; create a centralized system for environment protection management.
Telephone = +251-114-708063

4. Commercial Department
Prepares the annual, quarterly and monthly work and budget plans and follows up their implementations, carry out the ticketing, resource development, customer service, enterprise marketing activities.
Telephone = +251-114-708067

5. Finance and Administration Department
The Department ensures the efficiency to support the organization as a whole to focus on its core business and thus attain its targets through the provision of financial service based on time value for money concept and administrative support to facilitate the whole business activity.
Telephone = +251-114-708087

6. Human Resources Department
The Department recruits and employs capable manpower, facilitates and provides capacity building trainings, undertakes regular assessments on the efficiency of the employees, etc.
Telephone = +251-114-708079

7. Public Relations Department
The Public Relations Department aspires to bring a common understanding between the Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit and its internal and external customers/stakeholders and secure acceptance by its customers as a reliable transport provider. The ultimate goal of the department, therefore, is building a positive image of the organization.
Telephone = +251-114-708082

Telephone Numbers:
AALRTS Office = +251-114-708073
Public Relations Department = +251-114-708082
Customer Service = +251-114-708090